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2009-04-02 10:18:42 by DarkRayneRules

Won't be submitting for some time. I have some ideas floating around the cranium but not enough time or focus to really do anything worthy of being done. If that makes sense. Don't get me wrong, I love animation and I am dying to get back into it. But I need to focus on university now, and there's other issues as well. Animation is way time consuming (at least it is for me). Anyway I hope to in the future try doing a proper animation, one with planning, a story, a concise storyboard, relevant soundtrack visual flair etc. I believe I can do better than my last attempts if I just have enough time. So sorry for the dead space... lol. I'll happily submit when I get back into it. :) Until then I'll keep watching everyone elses animations and wish I was that awesome.

I can has skills...

2008-06-04 11:16:30 by DarkRayneRules

I'm doing good right now.

University opens doors... OMG who would have thought?
My skills have gotten me a job. :)
And my quirkiness has opened up previously unrealised doors. Praise the internet. I might be able to work from home after all.

Me so happy. I've always wanted to work from home using my own skills, rather than working for the man doing something any Tom, Dick or Harry could do... you know what I mean. lol. I like to think I'm unique. Creativity is my life... if it was gone, I can't bear to think what I would be like.

Ok... so check out this little picy. I give you a glimpse of the prettier Freakout 1.5
Coming out... when it's done. lol. At the moment it's basically a graphic improvement. But I want to tweak the gameplay and add some more animation. I'm just happy that I can take my time with it. Really explore the possibilities and what not. Maybe even add more actionscript... BTW knowing me this little menu will look completely different once I'm finished. I have to admit I'm an obsessive tweaker. It's a gift and a curse. :p

Anyway in the future I hope to expand my knowledge of flash, illustrator and photoshop. And generally hone my creative juices into productive outlets. I want to combine my skills and hobbies into work. Yeah... I've never looked forward to work before. But now I can get a little glimpse of what it could be like. And I like it. :)

I can has skills...


2008-06-01 13:47:14 by DarkRayneRules

I'm tired. Keep staying up too late. I need to get back on track so I can get stuff done. I'm on mid-term break right now so I don't want to miss the opportunity to catch up on personal stuff... and maybe make some money. :) Yay for me.

Don't know what else to say... just wanted to add a post. lol.

If you are bored at any time you can check me out on deviantART and YouTube.

I love all these websites with user generated content and sharing. :) They're cool. It's like having a life... without having to leave the house. I don't do well with the whole leaving the house thing.

Ok I'm going to sleep now. Catch you later everyone.
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